About Chef Lina

The Spice of Life

I was born and raised in Indonesia. Continued my study to become a holistic chef in California. Ventured to Dubai, now living in Switzerland, deepening my knowledge in how to provide and maintain myself towards happier and healthier life through cooking & despite all challenges in everyday tasks,  lead me in finding "the spice of life".  Such blessings have given & shaped me  in better understanding of creating a rich flavour of creativity  a "creative, easy, fast, fun, cooking also delicious, healthy & healing food". 

Our body is a wonderland

There are so many ways how our body tries to communicate, how it tells us in what state it lies.  One of the languages of our body is translated through our food cravings.  We are a conciseness in form of a human being inhabiting each individual unique vessel called the body. When mindfully listening and providing our body with love and care through the joy of simple eating for health, exercise and meditation. This action will take us into a happier & healthier life which prepares us to engage in day to day challenges.   

Statement of Purpose

Acts of kindness & love start from within

You are the light, 
Shine your light, 
Be inspirational for others, 
For the closest person in your life, 
Or for the perfect stranger,
Be the happier and healthier life you can be...

What will you do with the time given to you?

 Today I would like to share my experiences with loving, easy, fun, fast cooking food.

"What I do?” 

My mission is to support everyone who would like to achieve a happier and healthier life.  I would like to share how to achieve this  goal utilising eating for health plan with specialty food . Just like you, I have to face huge challenges when making changes within my self. Changes start from within. It is easy to understand the simplicity of eating for health.
Daily routines can overwhelm us.  A common thing that happens, is we start to neglect "Ourselves". One way of being kind, is to supply ourselves with food with good energy, full of life nutrients. Often times we choose convenience over healthy choices or other times we're simply to tired to do anything on our days off. The key to overcome these challenges is to start taking our responsibilities and just do it. 

Whom do I share with; everyone who would like to change to a happier & healthier life
How; Individual  or group food consulting, webminar, weekend seminar, or one week seminar individual or group (5 people)
Achieving the mission; We engaged on achieving each individual goal together, guidance to food substitute for food cravings will be posted on daily blog
Our value; to encourage the act of kindness & Love to ourselves and other.

Contact Chef Lina

Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland

+41 (0) 78 764 99 98


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed